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This project encourages open source driver development for iRiver's iFP portable music players. Ifp-driver was started by Pavel Kriz with ifp-line, a command-line program and the first Free iFP driver. Today, the ifp-driver mailing list is a hub of discussion for iFP driver development: participants include everyone from authors of spin-off projects, to prospective owners/users.

Ifp-driver home projects:

  • ifp-line the original command line utility and Midnight Commander plugin. Stable.
  • linux-filesystem a linux kernel module that mounts iFP devices as filesystems. Stable.
  • libifp a generic iFP support library. Stable.
Related projects:
  • user interfaces
    • ifpgui a kde/qt manager by Jim Campbell; uses libifp.
    • ifp-gnome a gnome manager by Billy Charlton; uses ifp-line.
    • ifp-manager a perl+gtk2 gui
    • giriver a python+gtk2 frontend; uses libiriver. (unmaintained)
  • plugins
    • kio_iriver KDE KIO slave by Joe Roback; uses libiriverdriver.
    • [unnamed] KDE KIO slave by Thomas Loeber.
  • libraries
    • libiriverdriver a C++ library driver by Joe Roback.
    • pyifp python bindings for libifp, by James Evans
    • rubyifp Ruby bindings for libifp, by Martin Schanzenbach
    • libifp-cil Mono/.NET bindings for libifp, by Christian Elkjaer
    • libiriver an older ifp library. (unmaintained)

Unless otherwise noted, projects support all iRiver iFP devices. Users have reported successfully accessing models iFP-1xx,3xx,5xx,7xx,8xx,9xx and N10. We don't anticipate difficulty supporting future models.

(Note: iRiver offers 'UMS' firmware for some iFP models. Devices running UMS firmware are compatible with generic USB Mass Storage drivers, and do not need any of the drivers mentioned here.)


libifp- released   oakhamg - 2005-08-21 20:29   -   iRiver iFP driver
This is a maintance release of libifp that addresses a number of issues including character locales and portability.

In other news, libifp is now part of debian-stable! (Thanks Joe!)

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ifp-line- released   yamajun - 2005-05-08 03:39   -   iRiver iFP driver
I released ifp-line- This is bugfix release.

Changelog from
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libifp- released   oakhamg - 2005-02-21 10:51   -   iRiver iFP driver
With the release of, libifp has entered its first "stable" cycle. Libifp is a general-purpose driver for communicating with iRiver's iFP portable music players. Binaries are available for Debian/Sarge, RedHat FC2 and 3, and SUSE 9.x.
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libifp graduates to "beta"   oakhamg - 2004-11-18 14:46   -   iRiver iFP driver
libifp version has just been released. All basic features have now been implemented, and it's been getting more stable with each release.. so I've dubbed this release "beta" quality. Libifp includes a port of the ifp-line utility.
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ifp-line- released   yamajun - 2004-11-05 11:22   -   iRiver iFP driver
ifp-line-. is a "bug-fix release".
Fixed for behavior of file operation
and "disconnect bug" on Linux.
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Everyone is welcome on the ifp-driver mailing list; please join it and share your experiences. If you're looking for help, please consult the FAQ before posting. (If it solves your problem, you can still join and say "hello!" :)

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